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Hawaii Liability Auto Insurance Requirements

If you’re shopping around for a Hawaii auto insurance policy, there are various sources of auto insurance quotes. You can receive quotes from a lot of auto insurance companies authorized to carry out their businesses in Hawaii. This article would help you get some details on Hawaii’s car insurance prerequisites so that you conform to the law. Know about the minimum liability coverage necessary and rules and regulations controlling car insurance in Hawaii.

Hawaii Liability Coverage Prerequisites

Drivers are required to have liability coverage for all licensed vehicles in Hawaii. The liability coverage is planned to compensate for property damage and bodily injuries. The minimum coverage for bodily injuries for one individual in one road mishap is $20,000. The minimum coverage necessary for all bodily injuries in one motor vehicle accident is $40,000. The minimum coverage required for property damage is $10,000.

It’s also necessary for the drivers to have personal injury protection (PIP) coverage, which would compensate for the medical and/or funeral costs of motorists and passengers who become injured in an accident. An insurer licensed to run business in Hawaii can talk about personal injury protection coverage with you to work out the amount of coverage necessary for your specific condition.

No-Fault Auto Insurance System in Hawaii

In a number of states, the tort system is used to find out who is liable for paying the expenses arising from an accident. In these regions, the driver who is to blame has to compensate for property damage and medical expenses. Other drivers might file a civil lawsuit against this driver for loss of income and other types of losses. Hawaii is a no-fault state. This signifies that your insurer would compensate for your expenses irrespective of who was responsible for an accident. This system is followed to reduce the number of auto insurance scams.

Coverage Maintenance Failure Penalties in Hawaii

There’s no central motor vehicles department in Hawaii as most other states have. Every individual county has the responsibility for vehicle licensing and associated functions. Nevertheless, there are penalties for not buying the right coverage for your vehicle. When you’re going to renew your driving license, you have to demonstrate a legitimate inspection sticker.

Proof of insurance is necessary for getting an inspection in Hawaii. Therefore, if you don’t have the right coverage, it would disqualify you from getting your vehicle inspected and you can’t renew your license. If you can’t renew your license on or before the expiry date, you would be asked to pay penalties calculated as additional charges.

Knowing these details would certainly help you buy the right policy in Hawaii. Get started finding the best Hawaii auto insurance now!

Free Auto Insurance Comparison

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